HEC provided access to read-to-eat meals daily, for lunch and dinner, for 7 days after the government shut down all restaurants and cafeterias.

During this time, HEC moved all who wanted to into rooms that had cooking infrastructure.

HEC negotiated with food-trucks to come to campus, and stay on campus, until specifically told by the government that it was illegal.

They allowed all student who left campus to not pay rent for their room, even if their things were left behind. In essence, this is free storage, and a free reservation of a room for the next time you come to campus.

HEC cleaned out the trash of everyone who left in a hurry and didn’t take out their trash.

HEC provided free food to students to cook with.

HEC provided free crossfit trainers to lead students in exercises from their balconies, while the instructors were in the parking lots at the foot of the buildings students lived in.

HEC allowed an open air gym and students to play tennis, when the rest of France was told to stay at home.

They moved 104 courses to the Internet in less than 1 week, and had all professors redesign their exams, to make sure that:

            . - Students could stay busy, and not go stir-crazy in their rooms

            . - Life would go on – we could proceed with our courses and minimize the timeline impact of the virus

HEC fought the prefecture and national government to keep nurses and doctors on campus, to make sure students could get immediate care and didn’t have to leave campus.

HEC negotiated with Auchan to have two resupplies a week for 500 students, when normally it only resupplies once a week for 4,000 students.

HEC allowed students to walk around the immense property without an attestation, which meant they didn’t track how long we were out for.

They continued to call embassies of other nations to facilitate the return of any student back to their home country; granted (it didn't always work, but sometimes, it does and people can go back to their home-countries)

HEC welcomed back students who were turned away from their home countries, giving them a safe place to stay, eat and live.

HEC hired extra professors to provide 2 sittings of certain classes so that most students could follow classes live and interact with their classmates, regardless of where they lived.

HEC created a scholarship program to help students who needed it most during the crisis, and to offset the loss of internships for its students.

. - After some students saw their internships cancelled, the school called companies, and managed to convince some of those companies to convert the cancelled internships to online internships.

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